Writing the Book

Gary... always on that phone!

(Written by Sandy)

We’ve just spent a week at the International Builders’ Show, and we’ve worn ourselves to a frazzle looking at all the latest and greatest building products, attending seminars from the top notch award winners in our industry, and getting our badges beeped so we’ll receive all kinds of e-mails and catalogs.  We are ready to roll… that’s for sure!

As I sat through session after session, I found myself thinking, “Yes, Gary does this.  Gary does that.   Yes, he’s always done it that way.”  I decided he could be a master presenter, and if he’s built your house or overseen your project, I think you’ll agree with me that he’s a blue ribbon builder.

When he sits with our customers for hours and hours, asking questions and taking notes… he’s not just putting on a show. He’s determined to know exactly what they want, just what their tastes are, what they would consider great bang for their buck, and what types of things actually don’t interest them at all.

His polite and sincere ways are not just an act he puts on in order to get the job.  Literally, I’ve known this guy since he was a child, and it’s my great fortune to live with the nicest man in the world.

“Closer”.  That’s a word used over and over again in the seminars I attended.  You want lots of great “closers” on your projects.  Well, there you have it.  Just last week I heard him telling a new employee that our main job is to be good closers.  I wish you could be with us when we’re truly stepping our way out of a house or project for the last time.  Gary might as well be wearing the white glove for dust inspections.  He takes great pride in his work, and is always determined to have each and every detail as close to perfect as he can get it.

One of the slides I really enjoyed in a presentation was a group of young swimmers in a line, looking intently toward their coach whose back was toward the camera.  There was a caption about teamwork requiring a good coach.    Maybe that should be Gary’s job description… a building coach.  We have some great players on our team, and it’s easy to consider Gary their coach.  He encourages and pushes to get their very best work.  He knows how to get everyone working together to pull off one win after another, making it look easy.

I’m bragging on my own company, and that’s surely not mannerly.  But I’m just considering myself one officer in a corporation, handing the microphone off to another officer in the company, and wanting to pump him up a bit to bring on a little round of applause.    In my opinion, he could write the book on how to build homes and how to treat customers.  Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Gary Fields of Field Day, Inc.


6 Responses to “Writing the Book”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    You two and Field Day have a sterling reputation in this community as being the best there is when it comes to construction. You can’t buy or create a good reputation. You earn it. And you have. So give yourself a BIG pat on the back. You both deserve it!

  2. Bette says:

    Proud to live in a house that Gary built!!

  3. Barbara says:

    Every word and more is true. I have always admired Gary’s houses and anything he has ever done. I wish I could save enough money to have a kitchen remodel. He probably doesn’t do those anymore, but an old gal can still dream, can’t she?

  4. Gary says:

    Thanks, everyone. A pat on the back always feels nice.

    And yes! We “still” remodel kitchens.

  5. Cheryl says:

    And, as always, I’m wishing you had a clone company here in Tomball.

  6. Robin Green says:

    To Gary!! (clink glasses)

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