Merry Christmas

Christmas in the Barn

2015 – a whirlwind year in our lives. We’ve worked on many projects, both big and small.

We’re thrilled to have been part of Hope Haven. It’s a brand new neighborhood for single parent families belonging to the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home. Totally funded by individuals and churches, these selfless givers have not only blessed the families who will live there for years to come, but they’ve provided jobs for dozens of us in Portales and Clovis. We thank you.

If we do say so ourselves, we’re building beautiful houses this year. How grateful we are to our customers who give us the honor of turning their blue prints into lovely homes. It’s a privilege. We’re always mindful you put the food on our table.


From our home to yours, we’re wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Gary & Sandy
(And our precious Peli who’s sitting there in the window looking out onto the front porch.)

Team Work

Hot Days It’s officially summer. I have named June 21 “Hump Day”. The longest day of the year.

What it means for me and my business is that we’re all working long hours, six days a week. You know the old adage. We’re making hay while the sun shines.

Our customers are incredible. Your business means everything to us. If we don’t say if often enough, everyone at Field Day says “Thank You!” You’re letting us pay our bills and supplying us with some fun spending money along the way.

To my guys – in alphabetical order – Daniel, Fabian, Manny, Robert and William – I appreciate you. On time every day, working in the heat, keeping great attitudes all the way to the end of the day when the trucks come rolling back into the driveway.

You men are a great team, all working hard for your families. We couldn’t do this without you! Sandy and I sincerely wish you a very happy Father’s Day.


My favorite entry ways are the ones that make you look up the instant you come through the front door.

Ceilings are a wonderful surface to embellish, and I enjoy working with our clients to come up with creative ideas.

Hand-scraped beams, bricks, barrels, crown, corbels.  You name it.  Let’s put it up there.

We Have It Easy

It’s been a year for putting miles on my pick-up.  I’ve driven all over two counties, from project to project, and I’ve hauled a lot of supplies.  I like to think that I build “dream homes”, and hope my customers feel the same way.

If you know me well, you know I love to travel.  (Thank you, my customers, for making my dreams come true.)

This year Sandy and I took an incredible trip to Nepal to see Mt. Everest.  The trek to get to Base Camp and back to Lukla was eighty miles.  Eighty miles of difficult, steep, cold trails.  All along the way I watched men and yaks carrying building supplies to these remote mountain villages.

As we climbed higher into the Himalayas, running water and electricity disappeared.  Our rooms were freezing, separated by thin sheets of plywood.  But our accommodations were very nice and fancy compared to the people who lived in those villages.

We’re so fortunate to live in such luxury.  Traveling like this convinces me that the simplest and smallest house I’ve ever built is most definitely a dream home.

As 2013 comes to a close, I’m thankful for the opportunity to run this business in this moderate climate on flat land.  To everyone who works with me, and to those of you who let us work for you, I appreciate you so much.  We have it easy.  I’m going to keep that in mind.

(If you’d like to see our favorite photos from the trip, here’s the link to Sandy’s blog.)

A Walk in the Himalayas


Crowning Achievement


Right up front.  Sorry about that pun for a title.   It’s the only thing we can come up with!  Dr. Peter Thompson is re-opening for dental business today, and we just want to say a few thank yous.

The Square in Portales is a historic old place, and it was time to deal with some of those historic old pipes.  With floors ripped open, and the alley and courtyard torn up, it was the perfect time for a complete remodel.   For weeks we’ve been working on the pipes outside, but for the past two weeks Field Day, Inc. has had crews working inside non-stop.

Plumbers, electricians, drywallers, trim carpenters, cabinet makers, window tinters, painters, plasterers, carpet layers, granite & marble installers, technicians who move dental equipment, Thompson’s office staff… they’ve all been in there working like army ants to squeeze this massive project into a two week time frame.  To those crews, as always, we thank you for your incredible effort, the long hours, and especially for working in cramped quarters with music playing and smiles on your faces – most of the time!

To the surrounding businesses and the pedestrians who had to walk on by… thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Not only are you dealing with the highway being torn up, but you’ve also had to deal with all the trucks and trailers that have paraded around your area daily.  Construction is a nitty gritty business.  Your patience and understanding have been most appreciated!  (Hopefully the new drainage in the courtyard with that “amusement park ride” of a guttering system will treat you well for years to come.)

Peter and Micah Thompson and staff, we especially thank you.  You placed your livelihood and your patients’ comfort and care in our hands when you gave us this job.  We wish you all the best.  It’s been an honor to remodel your building… but are we ever glad to turn it back over to you!

Gary & Sandy

Field Day, Inc.

Becoming a Builder

My dad taught “shop” all through my growing-up years.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent with him in his wood shop at PHS.  Besides learning how to run all the tools and build all kinds of projects, I took drafting from him in high school, and learned the skills of precise measuring.  He was a fantastic teacher, and he’s a wonderful father.

Two doors down from my childhood home lived Clyde Hopper.  Not only was he the junior high principal, he spent weekends and summers putting tile and linoleum on floors, and formica on countertops.  My friend Jack and I became his right hand men, somewhere around the ripe old age of 12.  I wish my friend Clyde was still alive so I could thank him for the work ethic he instilled in me.  Not to mention the long list of clients he introduced me to.

I went to work for Roy Rackler when I was in high school.  I have always considered Roy a great builder and businessman.  I was a young kid, and Roy “let me” work on all the phases of building – from the concrete right on up to the shingles.  I really am grateful for that learning experience, and for how well he treated me.

And long before I ever met my father-in-law, Bill was training his little girl to lay tile and climb ladders.  Sandy’s story goes that the first night she got to sleep in the house her dad was building for them, she was eight years old and slept on a pile of sheetrock.  It’s nice that my wife finds construction work exciting.

Obviously there was no way that dream of being a marine biologist was ever going to pan out.  It was in the cards that I would be a builder.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  I hope you have a great day.


Yes, We Remodel

Do we do remodels?  Yes, we do.

It’s a major ordeal to have your kitchen torn up.  Over the years I’ve really appreciated the people who are willing to let us move into the center of their home, unplug their coffee pot, do away with their refrigerator, and let us make a huge mess for awhile.

My crews always work very diligently with me to keep things as clean as possible, to work as quickly as possible, and turn out beautiful results.

We’re proud of this kitchen remodel, and pleased to have made new friends along the way.

Gary Fields – Field Day, Inc.


Thank You

When spring comes to Eastern New Mexico, it means beautiful blooms on fruit trees, terrific sand storms, warm weather one day, freezing the next.  It means a busy and full workload for everyone who works with me.

This year is no exception.  We laugh about anyone choosing to live in such a place on the days when the sky is completely brown and we have dirt in our teeth.  We always say it’s because of the people.

That’s true for us.  Thank you to the good people of Roosevelt and Curry Counties.  You’re the salt of the earth, and we’re thankful that so many of you put your trust in Field Day, Inc. when it comes to building.  You put the food on our table in our big red barn, and we never forget that.

Thank you!

Gary Fields – Field Day, Inc.


It’s 2013

2013 is up and running.  I’m working at my desk with the new software I bought at the International Builders’ Show.  And I can’t wait to get to someone’s project so I can whip out my new laser and measure something.

I’m inspired with all the products we saw and the seminars Sandy and I attended.  Our calendar is filling up for the coming year, and we’re looking forward to building new places for our customers.  From year to year, we never know what we’ll be working on.  It’s exciting to watch it all unfold.  Thanks for putting your trust in Field Day, Inc.


Writing the Book

Gary... always on that phone!

(Written by Sandy)

We’ve just spent a week at the International Builders’ Show, and we’ve worn ourselves to a frazzle looking at all the latest and greatest building products, attending seminars from the top notch award winners in our industry, and getting our badges beeped so we’ll receive all kinds of e-mails and catalogs.  We are ready to roll… that’s for sure!

As I sat through session after session, I found myself thinking, “Yes, Gary does this.  Gary does that.   Yes, he’s always done it that way.”  I decided he could be a master presenter, and if he’s built your house or overseen your project, I think you’ll agree with me that he’s a blue ribbon builder.

When he sits with our customers for hours and hours, asking questions and taking notes… he’s not just putting on a show. He’s determined to know exactly what they want, just what their tastes are, what they would consider great bang for their buck, and what types of things actually don’t interest them at all.

His polite and sincere ways are not just an act he puts on in order to get the job.  Literally, I’ve known this guy since he was a child, and it’s my great fortune to live with the nicest man in the world.

“Closer”.  That’s a word used over and over again in the seminars I attended.  You want lots of great “closers” on your projects.  Well, there you have it.  Just last week I heard him telling a new employee that our main job is to be good closers.  I wish you could be with us when we’re truly stepping our way out of a house or project for the last time.  Gary might as well be wearing the white glove for dust inspections.  He takes great pride in his work, and is always determined to have each and every detail as close to perfect as he can get it.

One of the slides I really enjoyed in a presentation was a group of young swimmers in a line, looking intently toward their coach whose back was toward the camera.  There was a caption about teamwork requiring a good coach.    Maybe that should be Gary’s job description… a building coach.  We have some great players on our team, and it’s easy to consider Gary their coach.  He encourages and pushes to get their very best work.  He knows how to get everyone working together to pull off one win after another, making it look easy.

I’m bragging on my own company, and that’s surely not mannerly.  But I’m just considering myself one officer in a corporation, handing the microphone off to another officer in the company, and wanting to pump him up a bit to bring on a little round of applause.    In my opinion, he could write the book on how to build homes and how to treat customers.  Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Gary Fields of Field Day, Inc.